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Design Philosophy

Litman Architecture is a "design oriented" architecture practice, centered in the belief that a clear vision is the key to solving complex design problems. This "clear vision" comes from listening to the client and understanding the myriad design constraints specific to each project.

The "Listening" involves client interviews, development of a project program and spatial relationships and finally collaboration with the various user groups of a project. This process can range from one-on-one meetings with the clients for a new home to large scale public workshops for a new library of a school facility.

"Understanding" comes from "Listening" carefully and grows from knowledge of the various constraints that will inform or regulate a project. This can include an innate understanding of the site and the environmental and infrastructural requirements, the available budget, governmental regulations and the practical requirements of each project program.

Ultimately, we believe an architect is an artist who interprets what they see and hear into a unique vision that will take the client beyond their imagination to a place where commodity, utility and delight can coexist as architecture.

Firm Philosophy

Litman Architecture is a new form of 21st century architectural practice centered on the desire to return to a close one-on-one relationship between the design principal of the firm and the client. The recent emergence of the ability to form a close network of production and engineering professionals on a project allows for the elimination of the traditional tiered system of architectural project management where the design principal of a firm is quickly substituted by the "project manager".

The strength of a design solution comes from this one-on-one relationship where the actual designer of a project is doing the listening and understanding.

Design Process

The nature of a building project demands a collaborative approach. Our collaborative network of trusted professional consultants including structural and civil engineers, landscape architects, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers, environmental experts and cost estimators, craftsmen and artists believe that a strong design vision is the key to solving complex design problems involving; intricate programs, specific budgets, multiple user groups and a desire for a strong visual statement.

The design of a building passes from abstract to specific and requires an orchestrated series of conscious choices. Litman Architecture use collaboration to insure these choices are externalized through a process of workshops, design reviews, and presentations. Our design process actively engages the participation of a broad range of constituencies including the client, which can include building committees, administrative staff, various user groups and community stake holders, governmental review boards, even service vendors and suppliers. Building consensus among such groups has been an essential element in the success of our projects.

The design process should evolve through this closely planned collaborative effort, involving all key specialists and engineering disciplines early in the project. As a team, we will work closely with all involved parties to translate your programmatic needs into a design that functions well, responds to the existing constraints, and achieves your project goals.

Firm Principal

Jay J. Litman, AIA has a long and outstanding professional reputation for creative, award-winning designs for new buildings as well as a deep understanding and appreciation for the rehabilitation and restoration of historic buildings. He has thirty years of professional experience in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New York. Litman received his Bachelor's Degree in Architecture as well as a BFA in Fine Arts from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. He has had a long involvement on public planning and design review boards as well as membership on various State education and hospital boards. Litman is currently registered in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and holds a NCARB certificate. He has served as a visiting critic at RISD and taught as an Adjunct professor at Roger Williams University.

Litman brings his intellectual capital to each project with years of professional experience in a wide range of public and private project types. His areas of expertise include the planning and design of public schools and libraries; historic restoration and rehabilitation; institutional and town master planning, interior design, hospitality, laboratories, college and university buildings.

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